Plot Edit

You are the children of Zillah, turned by an act of love and interest. Because of Kaiyen's ban on siring, her new children are in a difficult situation. The wrath of Kaiyen is absolute.

Both the players are children of Zillah. Chavala and Simon. Caine has already put down his edict to not sire anymore children, which Zillah broke.

The first night Chavala starts researching medicine of the undead. She finds some information about ghouls having children. She owes a boon to one of the 2nd gen. She didn't know who he was. In return he gives her information.

Later, Simon breaks into a mortals house and is caught by the neighbors. He is pulled away by some 3rd gens and sent to jail.

Next night he is judged by Dumah, a second gen who is the steward of the Black Keep in Ubar.

In short Dumah forgives him, giving him some info on the sly, just go to the pleasure district where the people give themselves up freely, or else.

They return to the Black Keep later that night under the foot of Zillah. A grand ball is being held.

She mingles with some 3rd gens, while he has an orgy with some mortal mage and some vampires.

Caine and his hand picked favorites come home to Ubar to the ball. Where Caine claims he has broken through Eden his parents land and he found it barren and empty, desolate.

After some time goes by the ceiling of the keep shatters killing many as an archangel comes to warn Caine he should destroy his children and return to being the only one while he still has the chance. Caine punches the archangel. Before the archangel can respond a darker force enters the room, Lucifer.

Lucifer tells the archangel that this city is under his protection.

The archangel then reveals he is doing this on his own under no orders by Michael or Heaven.

He then leaves under the threat of all out war between Heaven and Hell.

Lucifer soon departs before whispering secrets in Drakkon's ear.

The night ends when the children of Zillah learn that she was hurt, slapped hard enough to cause half her face to crumble revealing her bone white skull, before it healed. She gets depressed and asks Simon and Chavala to bring her 30 mortals to devour.

They find 5 before the night is over, going into the forest seeing a standing division of soldiers get demolished by 3 witches's mud monsters.

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