The Crone. The Baali founder. 3rd turned among the 3rd gen. She taught Irad the power that wooden stakes hold over a vampire. She studies in powers both dark and ancient as the world.

Appearance Edit

She has ashen white skin and walks the world naked until she enters polite society, in which case she covers herself in her obfuscated wings to appear as if she were wearing a robe.

Personality Edit

Hedonist. Honest.

Secrets Edit

Is under Kupala's thrall and doesn't want to summon him, but would prefer to hold him at bay with unwilling sacrifices, keeping him from entering our world. Each night she battles his influence. While under Kupala's influence her body is marked by demon symbols.

Battle tactics Edit

Powers Edit

Leathery wings on her back that let her act as if she had Flight. Her wings also take on an obfuscated quality to look like a dress or robe.

Disciplines Edit

Infernalism 6

Mytherceria 1

Maleficia 2

Nihilistics 2

Rift 2

Dark Thaumaturgy 5

Path of Pleasure 1

Path of Summoning 5

Fires of the Inferno 3

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