Books of historical significants or special power.


This text refers to The First as a Prince-Among-Demons and paints them in a hermaphroditic light. They dub the figure Mephacaras. A creature cursed by God to herald the first sins. Any creature so cursed by God is gifted by Lucifer. This rare combination of curses and gifts created the first blood drinker.

Book of Judas

Judas talks about a figure speaking with him after the crucifixion, a figure he mistook for Satan. This the figure said, "I am what I have become. I am the sneer of God. I am the first and the last shadow. I am who killed my brother." Judas then talks about walking in the footsteps of this figure cursed as he is cursed by God.

Book of Nod

Suggests that the creator is Caine, the first murderer. This theory has spread widely in popular opinion and social circles.

Chrimsonology: A Study On Blood

Dhol Chants:

mentions a first vampire called QYN.

Sanguitarius Thaumaturgicus

The Nine Configurations

Discusses at length a creature of fire, blood, and fangs called The Dark One. This creature is called the mother and father of all vampires.

The Teachings of Erebus

The fragments from the The Teachings of Erebus shed new light on the First, detailed light. This script claims in high authority that the first vampire is Caine, the first murderer, cursed by God to wander forever drinking the blood of mortals. The book goes into great accounts about lineage, notes on blood families.