Merits can be purchased with experience, but only those marked.

Merits Edit

On Top Of the World

You fledgling are powerful...immortal...unstoppable! Or so you think....

Prerequisite: 12 or 13th Gen.

You may ignore and reroll all of your results on a roll once per session as long as you remain a 12th or 13th Generation.


The power in your blood is undeniable.

Prerequisite: 9th Gen, 8th Gen, or lower.

Once per session you may ignore and reroll your worst roll.

Flaws Edit


You have an extraordinarily long tongue from which you drink blood. Is this a manifestation of a clan or bloodline long lost? Is it a part of evolution? Who can know....

Mad Laughter

This happens whenever you learn something truly worth your exultation, like finding an enemies weakness, having a revelation about your work, getting an upper hand in a fight.

Resist check.

Intimidates your enemies.

Open Before Me

Doors will open before you without touch, unbidden.