NPC Build A Bear Edit

Rulez: Roll Xd100,  All NPCs are considered mortal unless they land on a number that says they are not or that change their role in some way. Reroll any number under these conditions: -If you already have that number. -If you already have a number in the 10's place.

  1. Vampire, Toreador
  2. Werewolf
  3. Ghoul
  4. Mage
  5. Vampire, Ventrue
  6. Wraith
  7. Vampire, Brujah
  8. Vampire, Nosferatu
  9. Vampire, Gangrel
  10. hjj
  11. jjj
  12. jjj
  13. jjj
  14. jjj
  15. jj
  16. Fae

NPC Emotion Tracker Edit

How an NPC feels about a specific PC. The emotion ranges from 1 being mortal enemy to 10 best friend or lover. The tracker starts at 5. 5 means they have never met you and don't know you.


  1. You are my gravest of enemy. I loathe you. I will send everything I have at you to stop you.
  2. I hate you. I will try to harm you, if possible. I will destroy your plans.
  3. I don't like you. I would go out of my way to taunt you, interfere in your plans. It's not like I hate you, but something about you gets under my skin.
  4. You're pissing me off. I'll avoid you if I can.
  5. Who are you again?
  6. Ah, yes, I know you. You are...wait who are you?
  7. You have my attention.
  8. Hi, friend, lets have drinks together.
  9. I will help you, if I can. You are always a welcome I blushing.
  10. You are my best friend. I might even love you.