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-A general study of the Path of Blood.

Path of Blood Edit

* A Taste for Blood

 Roll: Perception + Occult, difficulty 7 By touching the blood of a vampire, the vampire may make an approximation as to the last feeding time, the amount of blood left in a vampire, her rough generation, etc.

* Blood Rage

 Roll: Dexterity + Subterfuge, difficulty Willpower The vampire may force a vampiric victim to spend one blood point per success, and may decide how the blood is spent.

** Blood of Potency

 Roll: Manipulation + Survival, difficulty 8 The vampire may temporarily reduce her generation. Each success either reduces the vampire's generation by one, or adds one hour to the time period for which it is reduced.

*** Theft of Vitae

 Roll: Intelligence + Medicine, difficulty Willpower The vampire may steal blood from a victim, at a rate of one point per success. The difficulty is to use this power is 6 against a non-living source (IE a plasma bag).

**** Cauldron of Blood

 Roll: Willpower, difficulty [blood points to be burned] + 4 The vampire may boil some of the blood of another vampire or mortal, which will burn all at once. This causes one aggravated wound per blood point boiled, in addition to blood loss.