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What is Horror? Edit

Is it Horror?15:06

Is it Horror?

Premise Edit

  • Capture
  • Discover
  • Escape
  • Protect
  • Rescue
  • Search

Deeper Understanding Edit

  • Mystery
  • Bug Hunt
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Betrayal
  • Jealousy
  • Conspiracy
  • Framing
  • Love
  • Injustice

Setting Edit

Themes Edit

  • Vampire vs self
  • Vampire vs Beast
  • Vampire vs werewolves
  • Vampire vs fear (death, sires, etc)
  • Vampire vs mortals
  • Satire
  • Moral

Plot Ideas Edit

  • Your greatest love is dead, but you have found a women who acts like her, speaks as she would, and has captured your heart. Is it her? Does it matter? She has a family, a husband, children.... [Inspired by works like Dracula]
  • A talented wax figure sculptor with a wax museum. They specialize in historical figures. Their business partner demands more sensational exhibits to increase profits, they refuse. Their business partner sets the museum on fire for the insurance money. In the process, they fight, desperately attempting to save the precious sculptures. The business partner splashes kerosene over the sculptor's body and leaves him to die in the fire. Miraculously, they survive, but with severe injuries including crippled hands. They build a new House of Wax. They go about replenishing the statues with real people who favor the original statues. It is revealed that the sculptor himself wears a wax mask to hide his horrible malformations. [Inspired by works like House of Wax.]
  • A mad doctor is digging up graves for his experiments, unfortunately or fortunately he digs up the grave of a vampire in torpor, which he uses in his experiments.

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