In 2016 two vampires are sent to investigate a supposed ritual taking place. They find it, but are transported through time in the year 1876 where the Southwestern War is taking place. The vampire who brought them here is ash. They have no idea how to get home....


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Starting location: Tokyo -

Timeline: Edit

2016 - Venice

Giovanni elder, Vittorio Estacado, calls in a favor in urgency. He offers each of them a boon in exchange for their investigation in the flooded underbelly of Venice. There is a rumor that a methuselah is experimenting with old, powerful, rituals down there. He wants you to investigate....

The ritual is underway through gritted teeth on the part of the methuselah.... Ghouls are slitting their writs and going willingly into the circle. Within their blood is the catalyst for the experiment.

A great force expands to the edge of the ritual. The methuselah's eyes open wide and the force breaks the circle making a thooming impact as they are devoured by the force. Inside, they are stretched and split, only the concept of who they are remains until the spinning stops and the world shifts into place.

1876 - Tokyo

You find yourselves in a field. Ahead a great plume of smoke is rising up from a nearby village of Kurotsuki.

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Important Figures: Edit

Fuuta Yomazaki

Lancel Robins - British officer sent to train Japanese soldiers in British warfare who eventually helped lead the samurai rebellion. PTSD victim.

Meiji Emperor

Saigo Takamori - leader of the samurai rebellion.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

A story modeled after The Last Samurai.