Those vampires who are clan founders of the modern nights. Sometimes called antediluvians.

Members of the Third Edit

Absimiliard-Founder of clan Nosferatu.



Chavala-Founder of the Salubri clan.

Drakkon-Founder of the clan Tzimisce..

Haqim-Founder of the Assamites.

Ilion-Founder of the Brujah clan.

Ishtar-Founder of the Toreador clan.

Malkav-Founder of the Malkavian clan.

Mekhet-Founder of the Gangrel clan.


Nergal-Founder of the Lasombra clan.

Revana-Founder of the Ravnos clan.

Sargon-Founder of the Cappadocian clan.

Set-Founder of the Followers of Set.


Ventru-Founder of the Ventrue clan.

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