10,000 BC

Supposed curse of Kaiyen, the first vampire.

9,000 BC

Enoch is turned.

Zillah is turned.

Jericho is founded.

Dumah is turned.

Tuatha De Danann and the Fey leave the physical world.

Melchiah is turned.

Sanga is turned.

8,500 BC

Lamech is turned.

Tubaal is turned.

8,400 BC

Al-Mahri is turned.

Ashur is turned.

8,350 BC

Drakkon is turned.

Revana is turned.

8,300 BC

Ishtar is turned.

Malkav is turned.

8,200 BC

Absimiliard is turned.

Garou begin the Impergium.

Haqim is turned.

Ilion is turned.

Nergal is turned.

Mekhet is turned.

Sargon is turned.

Ventru is turned.

8,000 BC

Vathuzura is turned.

Chavala is turned.

Set is turned.

Namtaru is turned.


A Drop of Oil in A Waterfall

7,950 BC

7, 700 BC

4,000 BC

Great flood.

3500–2340 BC: First cities developed in Southern Mesopotamia. Inhabitants migrated from north. City of Ur.

2090 BC

Famine in Canaan.

2067 BC

Destruction of Sodom by meteor shower.

2004 BC

Elamite destruction of Ur.

1700 BC – 1500 BC

Hurrian conquests.

1646 BC

 Jie of Xia is overthrown by Tang of Shang (ca. 1675-1646 BC) in the Battle of Mingtiao.

1600 BC

Israelites oppressed by New King.

1600 BC – 1200 BC—Tiryns, Ancient Greece, is inhabited.

1595 BC

The overthrow of the ruling Amorite dynasty in Aleppo, Syria.

1539 BC

Pharaoh's Order to Kill Firstborns.

1525 BC

The Birth and Adoption of Moses

1512 BC

The flood of Deucalion, according to O'Flaherty, Augustine, Eusebius, and Isidore (bishop of Seville).

1508 BC

The Battle of the Ten Kings took place around this time.

1504 BC

 Egypt started to conquer Nubia and the Levant.

1504 BC – 1492 BC

Egypt conquers Nubia and the Levant.

1469 BC

In the Battle of Megiddo, Egypt defeats Canaan.

1460 BC

The Kassites overrun Babylonia and found a dynasty there that lasts for 576 years and nine months.

1446 BC

Moses sent to deliver Israel.

10 plagues of Egypt.

1420 BC

Crete conquered by Mycenae—start of the Mycenaean period. First Linear B tablets.

1407 BC

Conquest of Midian.

1406 BC

Conquering of Jericho and Ai.

1405 BC

Kings join against Israel.

Northern Palestine Defeated.

1400 BC

Palace of Minos destroyed by fire.

Myceneans conquers Greece and border of Anatolia.

1399 BC

Land allotted among the Tribes.

1390 BC

In Mesopotamia, emergence of Assyrians as independent power.

1375 BC

Israelites Defeat the Benjamites

1374 BC

Israelites Capture Jerusalem, Hebron

Israel Rebuked and Defeated

Israel's idolatry and Servitude; Othniel.

1372 BC

The Hittites conquer all of the Kingdom of Mitanni west of the Euphrates.

1251 BC

A lunar eclipse marks the birth of Hercules.

1197 BC

Ramses III of Egypt repels attacks by northern invaders (the "Sea-Peoples").

1194 BC

The beginning of the legendary Trojan War.

1180 BC

End of Trojan War.

Collapse of Hittite power in Anatolia with the destruction of their capital Hattusa.

April 16, 1178 BC:

A solar eclipse may mark the return of Odysseus, legendary King of Ithaca, to his kingdom after the Trojan War. He discovers a number of suitors competing to marry his wife Penelope, whom they believe to be a widow, in order to succeed him on the throne. He organizes their slaying and re-establishes himself on the throne.

1150 BC

End of Egyptian rule in Palestine. Rameses VI last Pharaoh acknowledged.

1129 BC

Abimelech Conspires to Become King

1126 BC

Plot against Abimelech

Abimelech is Slain

1122 BC

Legendary founding date of the city of Pyongyang.

1110 BC

 Cádiz (Gadir) founded by Phoenicians in southwestern Spain.

Tiglath-Pileser I of Assyria conquers the Hittites.

The Dorians supposedly invade Greece.

1100 BC

Mycenaean civilization ends. Start of Greek Dark Ages.

Elamite invaders loot art treasures from Mesopotamia and carry them in Susa.

1090 BC

Israel Oppressed by the Philistines

1070 BC

Battle of Shiloh

1042 BC

Saul Defeats the Ammonites.

1041 BC

Saul's War with the Philistines.

Jonathan's Miraculous Victory.

1010 BC

David Destroys the Amalekites.

1008 BC

Civil War Between Abner and Joab.

1003 BC

David Reigns over All Israel.

1000 BC

Latins arrive in Italy.

998 BC

David Defeats the Philistines

962 BC

Solomon becomes king of Israel, following the death of his father, King David. (traditional date)

995 BC

The Capture of Rabbah.

913 BC

Civil War against Jeroboam.

Asa Destroys Idolatry.

900 BC 

Kingdom of Kush.

872 BC

An exceptionally high flood of the Nile covers the floors of the Temple of Luxor.

860 BC

The kingdom of Urartu is unified.

854/3 BC

Battle of Karkar—An indecisive engagement between Assyrian king Shalmaneser III and a military alliance of the king of Damascus and lesser powers including the prince of Tyre. (Either 854 or 853 BC)

842 BC

Shalmaneser III devastates the territory of Damascus; Kingdom of Israel and the Phoenician cities send tribute.

836 BC

Civil war breaks out in Egypt.

814 BC

Carthage is founded by Dido (traditional date).

804 BC

Adad-nirari III of Assyria conquers Damascus.

782 BC

Founding of Erebuni (Էրեբունի) by the orders of King Argishtis I at the site of current-day Yerevan.

780 BC

The first historic solar eclipse is recorded in China.

771 BC

End of the Western Zhou Dynasty in China as "western" barbarian tribes sack the capital Hao. King You of Zhou is killed. Crown Prince Ji Yijiu escapes and will reign as King Ping of Zhou.

June 15, 763 BC

A solar eclipse at this date is used to fix the chronology of the Ancient Near East.

756 BC

Founding of Cyzicus.

753 BC

Founding of Rome

747 BC

The Lusatian culture city at Biskupin is founded.

740 BC

Tiglath-Pileser III conquers the city of Arpad in Syria after two years of siege.

738 BC

King Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria invades Israel, forcing it to pay tribute.

734 BC

Syracuse (Sicily) was founded as a colony by Corinth.

Naxus in Sicily founded as a colony of Chalcis in Euboea. (traditional date)

728 BC

Piye invades Egypt, conquering Memphis, and receives the submission of the rulers of the Nile Delta. He founds the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt.

727 BC

Babylonia makes itself independent of Assyria.

715 BC

Idolatry is Destroyed.

706 BC

Spartan immigrants found Taras (Tarentum, the modern Taranto) colony in southern Italy.

704 BC

Sennacherib moves the capital of Assyria to Nineveh.

701 BC

King Hezekiah of Judah, backed by Egypt, revolts against king Sennacherib of Assyria. Sennacherib sacks many cities, but fails in his attempt to take Jerusalem.

700 BC

The Scythians start settling in Cimmerian areas, slowly replacing the previous inhabitants.

696 BC

The Cimmerians ravage Phrygia, possible migration of the Armenians.

691 BC

King Sennacherib of Assyria defeats king Humban-nimena of Elam in the Battle of Halule.

689 BC

King Sennacherib of Assyria sacks Babylon.

677 BC

Esarhaddon leads the Assyrian army against rebellious Arab tribes, advances as far as the Brook of Egypt.

675 BC

Esarhaddon begins the rebuilding of Babylon.

674 BC

Esarhaddon puts down a revolt in Ashkelon supported by Taharqa, king of Egypt. In response, the Assyrians invade Egypt, but Taharqa is able to hold the invaders off.

671 BC

Esarhaddon again invades Egypt, capturing Memphis as well as a number of the royal family.

669 BC

Argos defeats Sparta for the last time, this time using a Phalanx, at the battle of Hysiae.

668 BC

Egypt revolts against Assyria.

Nineveh, capital of Assyria becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Thebes in Egypt.

667 BC

Byzantium founded by Megaran colonists under Byzas. (traditional date)

664 BC

First naval battle in Greek recorded history, between Corinth and Corcyra.

Assurbanipal captures and sacks Thebes, Egypt.

660 BC

Psammetichus I drives the Assyrians out of Egypt.

Estimated date of the impact that created the Kaali crater.

652 BC

Babylonia rises in revolt under Shamash-shum-ukin against the Assyrians.

650s BC

Occupation begins at Maya site of Piedras Negras, Guatemala.

649 BC

Babylonian revolt under Shamash-shum-ukin is crushed by the Assyrians.

647 BC

King Assurbanipal of Assyria sacks Susa

640 BC

Decisive victory of Assyria over Elamite Empire; Assurbanipal captures its last king Khumma-Khaldash III, annexes Elam, and lays waste the country.

632 BC

In the Battle of Chengpu, the Chinese kingdom of Jin and her allies defeat the kingdom of Chu and her allies.

626 BC

Nabopolassar revolts against Assyria, founds the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

625 BC

Medes and Babylonians assert their independence from Assyria and attack Nineveh (approximate date).

614 BC

Sack of Asshur by the Medes and Babylonians.

612 BC

An alliance of Medes, Babylonians and Susianians besiege and conquer Nineveh. King Sin-shar-ishkun of Assyria is killed in the sack.

Ashur-uballit II attempts to keep the Assyrian empire alive by establishing himself as king at Harran.

Babylon, capital of Babylonia becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Nineveh, capital of Assyria.

609 BC

King Josiah of Judah dies in the Battle of Megiddo against Pharaoh Necho II of Egypt, who is on his way north to aid the rump Assyrian state of Ashur-uballit II.

The Babylonians defeat the Assyrian army of Ashur-uballit II and capture Harran. Ashur-uballit, the last Assyrian king, disappears from history.

Jehoahaz succeeds his father Josiah as King of Judah, but is quickly deposed by Necho, who installs Jehoahaz's brother Jehoiakim in his place.

605 BC

Battle of Carchemish: Crown Prince Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon defeats the army of Necho II of Egypt, securing the Babylonian conquest of Assyria. The Babylonians pursue the Egyptians through Syriaand Palestine.

601 BC

The Medes from Media (western Iran) and the Scythians from modern Russia and Ukraine invade the northern and eastern parts of Assyria.

600 BC

Foundation of Capua.

India—Age of the Mahajanapadas—16 great kingdoms rule India—Kasi, Kosala, Anga, Magadha, Vajji (or Vriji), Malla, Chedi, Vatsa (or Vamsa), Kuru, Panchala, Machcha (or Matsya), Surasena, Assaka, Avanti, Gandhara, Kamboja

Foundation of Milan by Celts (approximate date).

Foundation of Marseille by Phoceans (traditional date).

Smyrna sacked and destroyed.

588 BC

Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon begins siege of Jerusalem;

586 BC

Jerusalem falls to the Babylonians, ending the Kingdom of Judah. The conquerors destroy the Temple of Jerusalem and exile the land's remaining inhabitants. Babylonian Captivity for the Jews began.

28 May 585 BC:

A solar eclipse occurs as predicted by Thales, while Alyattes II is battling Cyaxares. This leads to a truce. This is one of the cardinal dates from which other dates can be calculated.

583 BC

Babylonians begins siege against Tyre.

570 BC

End of the Babylonian siege against the city of Tyre with a partial victory by the Babylonians. It was the longest siege of the city in history, lasting 13 years.

560 BC

Pisistratus seizes the Acropolis of Athens and declares himself tyrant. He is deposed in the same year.

558 BC

The Chinese state of Jin defeats its rival Qin in battle.

550s BC 

Carthage conquers Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.

550 BC

Abdera is destroyed by the Thracians.

547 BC

Croesus, Lydian King, is defeated by Cyrus of Persia near the River Halys.

546 BC

Cyrus of Persia completes his conquest of Lydia, and makes Pasargadae his capital.

544 BC

People of Teos migrate to Abdera, Thrace to escape the yoke of Persia.

543 BC

North Indian Prince Vijaya invades Ceylon and establishes a Sinhalese dynasty.[citation needed]

543 BC

Pisistratus, tyrant of Athens, purifies the island of Delos (approximate date).

540 BC 

Greek city of Elea of southern Italy founded (approximate date).

540 BC

Persians conquer Lycian city of Xanthos, now in southern Turkey (approximate date).

539 BC

Babylon is conquered by Cyrus the Great, defeating Nabonidus.

538 BC

Return of some Jews from Babylonian exile who build the Second Temple about seventy years after the destruction of the First Temple, from 520 BC–516 BC.

537 BC

Jews transported to Babylon are allowed to return to Jerusalem, bringing to a close the Babylonian captivity.

536 BC

According to tradition, the Biblical prophet Daniel receives an angelic visitor.

528 BC

Gautama Buddha attains Enlightenment, and begins his ministry. He founds Buddhism in India. It becomes a major world religion.

525 BC

Cambyses II, ruler of Persia, conquers Egypt, defeating Psammetichus III. This is considered the end of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, and the start of the Twenty-seventh Dynasty.

522 BC

Babylon rebels against Persian rule.

521 BC

The Babylonian rebellion against Persian rule is suppressed

506 BC

Battle of Boju: Forces of the Kingdom of Wu under Sun Tzu defeat the forces of Chu.

4 December 502 BC

Solar eclipse darkens Egypt (computed, no clear historical record of observation).

502 BC

The Latin League defeats the Etruscans under Lars Porsena at Aricia.

Naxos rebels against Persian domination sparking the Ionian Revolt.

501 BC

Naxos is attacked by the Persian Empire.

Gadir (present-day Cádiz) is captured by Carthage (approximate date).

500 BC 

Bantu-speaking people migrate into south-west Uganda from the west (approximate date).

Refugees from Teos resettle Abdera.

5 BC

  Birth of Christ

30 AD

Betrayal, trail, crucifixion of Jesus.


Start of the Protestant Reformation


End of the Protestant Reformation


Beginning of the American Revolution.


End of the America Revolution.


World War 1 begins.


World War 1 ends.


Beginning of World War 2.


End of World War 2.

September the 18th, 2016 - Tokyo

Maxamillion, Axel, Evelyn, and ____ are sent by each of their own primogen to investigate a mysterious ship near the docks. Inside they discover a sleeping ancient. They wake him and he has no memory of the ship or how he got here, his name is Lazareen, from Vlad Tepes's brood.

Lazareen meets with the Gangrel Primogen.

September the 26th, 2016 - Tokyo

Maxamillion, Axel, Evelyn and ____ go to court where Lazareen has taken hold of the city. Lazareen wants them to investigate and find a Pit where the vampires of the city are fighting.

They find the Pit and get conscripted to fight. Gargoyles, lesser gargoyles are in the Pit. They defeat him and earn the scorn of ____ (Pit leader)....

September the 30th, 2016 - Los Angeles

Trisha Burdiss wakes up in a forest, coming to grips with her turning. Edward Kings leaves a strip club where his sire and he were having a night out, for a book shop and finally a cafe. Trisha went to the same cafe where she found she couldn't eat.

Edwards explained her condition. Edward takes her back to his house where he hired a prostitute for her and they had a threesome at his house, sex and feeding.