Vampiric Uses Edit

  • It is the fuel of a vampire's Disciplines.
  • Spending blood is the only way a vampire can heal wounds (for just as their immortality prevents the Kindred from aging and dying naturally, it also inhibits the recuperative processes natural to a living body). Likewise, rising from the state of Torpor voluntarily is only possible through the expenditure of blood.
  • A vampire may use his or her mastery over the blood to increase his or her physical attributes (although this ability is hindered by the vampire's Generation).
  • When the vampiric blood is consumed repeatedly by an individual, it has the property to create a supernatural link of fidelity and dependency towards the vampire who shared it, thus forming something called the Blood Bond, making them a ghoul.
  • A vampire can use his or her Blood to create new vampires through a process called the Embrace.

Ghoul Uses Edit

Mortal Uses Edit

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